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Spy Pro's & Gadgets


  • Spy Pro's & Gadgets

    Many people wonder are we safe just walking at night? or just going to the store? Well unfortunately in my honest opinion we are not completely safe. Every time you turn your television set on there is something going on in the world. We can see it now simply because of all the technology with cell phones recording of things that are going on around us. You see back in the days we didn't have the technology that there is today.  So now we are exposed to it, we see it first hand. Rather its through social media, television or just hearing it on the radio. It is scary to think off all the crazy stuff that is happening and we are just sitting ducks at times without even knowing we might be a target. Let me just tell you that we can not see the future, however we can try to prevent from being a victim or statistic. Here at Spy Pro's & Gadgets we carry different type of security items to assist you from not becoming the next target. For instance we carry the Door Stop Alarm. This inexpensive item will allow you to sleep comfortable throughout the night. If anyone  attempts to break in your home at night, the 120 db alarm will sound warning you and scaring the assailant away. We carry several kinds of stun guns, one of my favorite stun gun device is the "RUNT" it packs a whopping 20 millions volts of stun power. You can place this in your night stand drawer and know that you are protected for any attackers entering your home. Its small size allows you to carry it in your purse, bag, or pockets without the fear of it going off by itself. It fits right in the palm of your hand and its very user friendly. We have the Pepper Spray available as well. Hang this item on to your key chain and walk with confidence. If any attackers dare to come closer than they should, aim the item to the attackers eyes and escape to seek help. No matter how big you are or how much pain you can tolerate, the  Pepper Spray will make you realize that you picked on the wrong one. We carry a large selection of security and personal safety items. At Spy Pro's & Gadgets you can be sure you are buying quality and safe products. Just remember to lock your doors at home, install good outdoor lighting to illuminate your residence, thieves don't like lights.  Avoid dark parking garages, and always be aware of your surroundings.  Don't be distracted with your cell phone, if you are already a target, being distracted will allow the assailant the perfect time to attack. BE SAFE!!

  • Working with technology

    Have you ever wondered how much more technology will we see in our life time? It is amazing to see how much technology is out there now and days. Who would have ever thought that cameras would be smaller than a penny never the less their clever designs.  As a Private Investigator I personally can tell you how easy and efficient working with some new products can be. Throughout my career I have used the majority of products advertised in the Spy Pro's & Gadgets website. I have worked many different assignment and let me tell you that every assignment is different so having different kinds of cameras would be ideal for individuals working in this field. I have used the Glasses with the hidden camera in assignments that require for my hands to be free while capturing the video tape footage pertaining to my assignment.  The camera pen has always been very beneficial  to me while executing undercover operations. Its slick design and not to mention that it is a working pen can very covert placing it in your shirt pocket while obtaining excellent video results. One of my best cameras that I have used throughout my career is the Radio Clock hidden camera. This particular item can sit on a dresser, night stand or counter top by itself and only record the movement it detects as its motion activated. These are just a few items I have mentioned and have gotten great results.  I have set up the Radio Clock hidden camera in homes where there is a caregiver arriving everyday to care for the elderly residing at that location. It works perfect for recording nanny's , assisted living residents, offices or if you just want to know what happens when your not around. I really enjoy working with these products and can't wait to see the next generation of technology evolve.

  • Are you afraid to walk in the dark alone?

    Has jogging at night become a scary thing to do? Isn’t it a shame that we can’t just walk freely without having to worry about being mugged or attacked? Well if you answered YES to these questions, you are not alone. As many Americans will agree that crime has skyrocketed within the last few years. Unfortunately we can’t stop the people that live their lives committing these senseless crimes. However we can protect our self by fighting back. It can be as simple as carrying a PEPPER SPRAY. It can really make a difference when defending yourself. Spraying an assailant with PEPPER SPRAY will cause him to become temporarily blind, the PEPPER SPRAY itself has a dye that can be useful for law enforcement to detect traces on your assailant if he becomes apprehended.
    We can imagine when a criminal decides to commit a robbery the last thing he wants is a victim to fight back. They don’t like to waste time with a victim who is not cooperating. Now, if we can stand up and fight back I can assure you that some less experienced criminal will think twice on committing an act such as this. We never really consider having a self-defense product such as a TASER or STUN GUN which can really protect you and your loved ones when needed. Let’s face it; we live in an era where crime is probably at its highest peak. When we become a victim of an assault or a robbery, not only do they violate our personal space, they embed a fear in us that will take a lot to overcome. After experiencing something like this we will never be the same again. Now some people are skeptical on obtaining any items like this. However, when you do have them and actually know how they work and the proper way to use them they will not be a big deal anymore. They will now just be seen as self-defense items.
    There are many self-defense items to choose from. For instance, lets talk about the KUBATONS. These items have a key chain ring to hang from your key chain and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. These items are perfect for a teenager that walks alone in the school parking lot. When an assailant approaches you from behind and begins to wrap his arms around your neck we really don’t have any control of the situation, or do we? Well if you have a KUBATON your chances of fighting your assailant off are greater. Now with the KUBATON you jam it into their neck, cheeks, eyes, throat, temples and hands. Basically when you jam the KUBATON in these areas will be sticking in to a pressure point. Of course done correctly and with yelling at the top of your lungs, chances he will release the hold he has on you and will began to panic with your yelling. Remember that these items are all non-lethal self-defense that can truly make a difference at the time of need.

  • Purchasing the right home protection products for you.

    Has there been recent break-ins  in your area? Have you noticed suspicious people lurking around your home? Have you been interested in purchasing home protection items to protect your family? One item in particular that I have recently purchased is the Door Stop Alarm.  This item is very inexpensive and I believe this product will be very efficient. This item is very easy to operate.  All that is needed is to install required batteries and set the sensitivity level where desired. When preparing to go to bed, simply tuck the lower end of the alarm under the door. The instant the intruder tries to open the door it will strike the metal plate, preventing the door from opening and  then activating the alarm. The alarm is also equipped with a movement sensor. If it is moved the alarm will be activated. I have set it off and the sound is ear piercing. This is loud enough to wake you up in the middle of the night as well  as a close by neighbor. This will definitely scare away any intruder entering your home without your permission. Lets hope that we will never have to hear the alarm go off. This alarm is also perfect for your hotel room when traveling as well as students residing in dorms. I can assure you that this product will give you piece of mind while you are sleeping or away from home.

  • Working with the C2 taser

    I am very excited with my new purchase of the Taser C2. This non-lethal device will bring down even the biggest aggressor. Its slick design makes it very easy to carry in its holster.The safety cover over the trigger prevents accidental activation and helps keep the user safe when carrying the Taser C2. It is designed for your personal safety. It is powerful enough for any law enforcement agency but is designed for civilian use. At the point of discharge 50,000 volts are released into its target.The Taser can knock out an aggressor for 30 seconds from up to 15 feet away. It has a led light for night use and laser beam for precise piercing. You will feel safe as you stopped the attacker even without direct contact.The buyer is responsible for researching and knowing the applicable state and local laws prior to purchasing, possessing, transporting or using a Taser. Your Taser will come with a training manual, training cartridge and target. Use the target for practice so you become comfortable with aiming and shooting. It will come with complete instructions on how to activate your Taser. The training manual will also give instructions on how and where to aim and fire your C2. I am very pleased with this buy. You can also check reviews online for your piece of mind before ordering yours. You wont be disappointed with its functions.

  • Keeping Your Valuables Safe using a Diversion Safe.

    We all want to be believe that an intruder will never enter our home. However we live in a society where crime is a serious concern. Having someone uninvited enter your home is a serious threat. Not only are they violating your space, they are now taking your valuable items that you have worked hard for. Having a Diversion Safe could really come in handy in case you are the victim of a home invasion. Placing you valuables in a safe of this kind and placing this item in plain sight will give you a greater chance of protecting your belongings in an unfortunate occurrence. Let's think, when a thief enters a home they will probably be searching in bedrooms, closets, and desks or drawers. Going into your refrigerator or kitchen cabinets will probably be the last place they want to spend time searching for valuables. These are very inexpensive items that will keep your valuables safe. For instance, having a Wall Clock Diversion Safe hanging in your room with your valuables inside will appear to be an ordinary clock that the thief will probably look at to see the time he's spending in your home. Once the intruder leaves your home with no grand prize, you will be glad the safe has done exactly what It has been designed for. Rest assure that your valuables will be safe in a Household Item Diversion Safe.

  • The use and meaning of a Baton.

    A Baton can be referred to as a Billy Club, Sap, Billy Stick and Black Jack, just to name a few. However, the use of the Baton has always been the same regardless of what name you decide to call it. Its simple design can be made of Rubber, Wood, Plastic and metal. This object is normally used by law enforcement agencies, correctional staff and the security industry. However, this object is a self defense mechanism which can be very helpful in the time of need if being attacked. When used properly this item can really save your life. Now a days the baton has changed its design and has come  a long way from the original ones. We now have the option of purchasing a regular fixed size baton or an Expandable Baton.   Imagine  this unfortunate scenario;  you are walking home from a late dinner or outing and suddenly you are approached by an individual who is demanding your money as well as your personal belongings. What do you do?  If you are carrying your self defense Telescopic Steel Baton we could only imagine that this perpetrator picked the wrong person on this day.  This item  can be concealed within a purse or attached to your belt for a quick draw. Lets hope we never really have the need to use it. If we ever get in a situation where its really needed, rest assure chances of you being another statistic will be slim.

  • The benefit of a Hidden Camera

    Working in the retail field can be stressful enough. The last thing that you want to think about is having a dishonest employee on your team. As a manager, we rely on our staff in contributing to deter retail theft. Having a surveillance system exposed  helps tremendously, however having a hidden camera placed in a opened area can help deter employee theft. For example, placing these items in a stock room where employees may think that because they don't see a noticeable camera they are in the clear.  As a manager we are responsible for the stores merchandise. Most of retail stores have a cap allowed for shoplifting occurrences.  What we don't realize is that most of that cap is met by a dishonest employee. When inventory time arrives, we as managers have to be responsible for any shortage  of merchandise that occurs within our store.  At times our job can be in jeopardy if a dishonest employee decides to remove merchandise  without properly paying for it. Its been proven by loss prevention departments that the majority of theft is due to and individual who does not take their job seriously. So how can we deter dishonest employees from stealing  from the company?   Well there are many ways we can accomplish this. Having a concealed camera  video taping all activities from the store employees is a clever and discreet way to maintain your inventory within its company goal. I have personally used these items at my expense and I can assure you that throughout my career I have apprehended several employees. This trusty gadget has been very successful in catching dishonest employees. My preference is the working calculator with a hidden camera. It is a very inexpensive item that can potentially save you hundreds to thousands of dollars. These covert cameras  can be very beneficial to you and gives you peace of mind knowing that your job is secure and that you have done a great job as a manager.

  • Using a Car Remote Hidden Camera.

    I am a Private Investigator with several years of experience. Let me tell you that I have used most of these products. When I'm out in the field I have to be certain that my equipment is reliable and ready for use.  Many of my cases can require different types of equipment. Remember that a Private Investigators main job is to remain discreet. I want to talk about a really neat item. The Car Key Remote Camera has a built in DVR system. I have used this camera many times throughout my career and it has been fantastic. It has been very easy to work with and I have obtained many hours of video throughout my career. This particular item has given me results that have been impressive for myself and my clients. With this item and its design of a Car Remote no one will suspect what your doing. You do not have to be super close to your target all you need is a clear direct view of your target and begin to shoot your video. After obtaining your video you will view your images using your computer. The newer style Car Remote has been a valuable item that I can rely on and I will continue to use it. It has become my preference because of its stylish discreet look.  The best part of this design is that you can hang it on your key chain and conduct your daily activities as normal. However when you need it, rest assure that the car remote camera will be ready to obtain the video that you need.

  • Feeling safe with my Child Guard Panda

    Have you ever had the  feeling of turning around and your child is no where in sight? It has happened to the best of us. Now with the help of the Child Guard Panda, I feel more comfortable when I am out enjoying the day with my child. With this particular item it is very easy to use.  Imagine when you are out at the park or the county fair where there are hundreds of people and in a split second your kid wanders off. The first thing that happens is you begin to panic and  think someone has ran off with my child.  We could only hope that this would never happen to us but for some this may become an unfortunate reality. Just like most people I was skeptical of purchasing this type of item because I wondered if it would work as advertised. Now that I have my Child Guard Tracker, I feel much more relief knowing that I can monitor my child's distance as he walks away in a crowded area.  My child wears the panda on his wrist like an  animal shaped wristband. The animal shape design is made for children so it makes it enjoyable and kid friendly. The panda is the transmitter which sends out a signal to the receiver. The parent holds the receiver that will beep when the child walks away from a distance that you previously set. You can set the distance up to 30 feet. Guys, believe me when I tell you that  am very happy with this purchase. I can enjoy family outings knowing that my child is safe and I could keep track of him.

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